Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thursday 26th October 2006

In my pocket:£22 and some mints (spagbol for tea you see!)

My attrie: New topshop black and blue top and demin skirt. Wore my ridiculously dirty cream shoes for the last time :-(

Fellow Companions: Just me and Rachel this week! (loners)

Drink of the night: Sambuca

Wel what a night! Even though the two of us went out it was still rather exceptional. Pure as always was jumping, we hadnt expected it to be that busy as it was near the end of the can tell we go out alot lol! Anyway, we hit the cider and black as usual and stayed for a few. Upstairs were a few local bands playing which led to the downstairs music being slightly drowned out...not very good. We couldnt afford to waste any money buying a ticket so we just blagged our way upstairs for a laugh. Sooner or later we were sick of our lifes and returned downstairs where i was greeted by an ex boyfriend, quite an awkward situation when he is out with his new bit stuff! Not showing that i cared, i continued to go to the bar when i recieved a phone call from fellow house mate Hayley, she was hearing footsteps and people upstairs in the house? Not thinkng twice about leaving to make sure she was ok, i continued to drink my pint. Classy birds 'r' us!

In Cool For Cats, me and Rachel continued to dance like small children at a party, not at all graceful. However, the certain urge for sambuca came over us at around oneish. Downing my shot which cost me £2.50---ridiculous, i felt a sudden rush to not have drank sambuca~!...knowing i was going to be sick, we quickly rushed to the toilet and trampled a girl who had passed out on the floor. With head over the toilet, i continued to throw up my tea...spagbol, which of course meant with added cider and black, looked like my insides. Feeling fine after five mins, i quickly rushed for my fresh pint from the bar and was fine for the rest of the night.

We departed for Glass Spider at around two. At this point Rachel was elegantly wasted and i was actually feeling rather fine. After watching two lads wee in an alley for a while, we got inside. I saw a few friends but was very disapointed by the balcony being closed due to 'weather restrictions?' its only wind i said feeling invincible as you do after copious amounts of cider. We left with Carl and Gary, our 'friends'. It was a good night! :-)


Blogger Matt Shirazi said...

Wow an exciting night in independent lisa. Do you think its better than the old liquid/diva mights? I love the picture of all your shoes, what an original idea. How much did you and your mates drink? neee way!

1:41 AM  
Blogger Jaclyn X said...

So jealous of your nights out. I'm so skint at the moment that an "exciting" night for me consists of eastenders, a long bath with a bottle of lambrini and singing along to my ipod!! Yes, I am a self-confessed lambrini girl, but only when I'm skint! X

9:40 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Hey- love the blog, reminds me of when I still had the energy to go out until stupid o’clock and make it for work the next morning! I know what you mean about bumping into an ex round the town- its always an awkward moment- even when your trying to act cool! (at least he didn’t see you vom!)

12:12 PM  

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