Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday 23 November

In my pocket: £9

My attire: Grey dress and black boots. Tights of course, it was chilly!

My fellow companions: Lana sex Bum and Ferry the fridge

Drink of the night: Absinthe (mind blowing stuff)

We were late out this thursday as the funds were very low. Rachel was stepping out with £3. Lana with nothing but i applaud her perseverance.

Pure was the start and i hit the house wine :-@ (when lisa drinks wine strange things happen to her) it also gives her the worlds most horrific hangover....i wasnt looking forward to that.

We met up with Jess and El, we headed to Cool for cats and the place was empty. 'We here early?' we all thought. We gave it half an hour and the place was per usual. Tom Smith from Maximo park was in that night, along with all his Italian friends.

I always thought he was taller than he actually was. I was mortal though so when we had a bit dance i was like 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeee' he obviously thought i was a total freak.

Getn home was fun. Toma, Gaz, Gary, Jess, Rachel and me tried the usual taking of the substance furniture. This time the police roit van spotted us and i sprinted (well tried too but i was rather drunk) Toma nearly got arrested for being rather abrupt to the police officer but managed to leave fully intact.

Sitting of on the sofa at 6.30 in the morning, with Scarface in the background i thought to is brillant and im at uni at 9, even better.


Blogger Erin said...

Funny stuff as usual lisa, I don’t know how your friend managed to go out with no money! Have a nice Christmas and I’m sure you’ll have a lot to write about after the festive drinking period! x

12:29 PM  

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