Thursday, November 09, 2006

November 2nd 2006

Well hello there my lovleys.
I have faild my mission of going out every thursday. Had some family problems that got in the way of my usual goings on. Not happy! I feel ashamed and distraught at the fact i havn't been able to keep my promise of weekly updates from Cool For Cats.
But dont get too upset yet....its a weekend of Amsterdam fun and frolics coming up so you can imagine the pictures from that! Eleven of my crazy fellow companions all piled onto a ferry with excess alcohol and euros. We are also staying in a 'Boat Hotel' sounds even more exciting! (You can imagine the quality, at least one star i think!)
On Tuesday i will update you with the mess of the weekend. Im expecting some comments mind!
But until then...Bon Voyage


Blogger Laura Ellwood said...

I went on Thursay 2nd November to celebrate my last night of being 23. I felt a bit too old but I had a good time. The highlight of the night was Status Quo's 'Down Down, Deeper and Down'....Pure legends, I decided to clear the dance floor with my full on head banging and then fell over....Rock 'n' Roll x

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