Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday 23 November

In my pocket: £9

My attire: Grey dress and black boots. Tights of course, it was chilly!

My fellow companions: Lana sex Bum and Ferry the fridge

Drink of the night: Absinthe (mind blowing stuff)

We were late out this thursday as the funds were very low. Rachel was stepping out with £3. Lana with nothing but i applaud her perseverance.

Pure was the start and i hit the house wine :-@ (when lisa drinks wine strange things happen to her) it also gives her the worlds most horrific hangover....i wasnt looking forward to that.

We met up with Jess and El, we headed to Cool for cats and the place was empty. 'We here early?' we all thought. We gave it half an hour and the place was per usual. Tom Smith from Maximo park was in that night, along with all his Italian friends.

I always thought he was taller than he actually was. I was mortal though so when we had a bit dance i was like 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeee' he obviously thought i was a total freak.

Getn home was fun. Toma, Gaz, Gary, Jess, Rachel and me tried the usual taking of the substance furniture. This time the police roit van spotted us and i sprinted (well tried too but i was rather drunk) Toma nearly got arrested for being rather abrupt to the police officer but managed to leave fully intact.

Sitting of on the sofa at 6.30 in the morning, with Scarface in the background i thought to is brillant and im at uni at 9, even better.

We in newcastle or sunderland?

Amsterdam!! thats all im going to say. My god what i good weekend.

This was on the ferry there. We had drank a few by this time and thought it would be a good idea to go onto the top deck with our stolen plastic cups and the cactus from the restaurant. You can take the girl out of Birtley but you cant take the birtley out of the girl!

The ferry was a experience to say the least. Next to our tiny cabin, was a row of 'Sunderland specials' as we called them. The gurning by the end of the night was rather apparent. This was after me and rachel were called 'herion addicts' by a Bensham riff. Pleasant people ride of DFDS seaway mini cruises. Please beware and lock your cabin door!

After paying 9 euros for some rice crispies and white sausages (which i did not dare to touch) we were all a little hung over and disheartened to see the black skies covering the Amterdam port as we sickenly entered at around half 8 in the morning. The fact that gareth had packed his pass port at the bottom of his bag cheered us all up though and we got on the bus that takes you into town.

The hotel was quite far away from the bus stop and a was nearly torn apart by a passing bicycle with crazy mirrors sticking out from it. I was in the best of moods by this time and it was made even worse by the fact i was in a room by the wisdom tooth was causing me a right rucus.

In the best of moods we desented on the main street and straight into the sex museum. Im not going to tell you what i saw in there. I have never looked at a pig in the same way, thats all im going to say.

Later that night we headed into town after the best power nap ever...I wonder why ha ha. We hit some of the local bars first and drank rather large amounts of lager. This is us after way way too many...

Em... no words can actually describe. The mind boggles. Rachel actually asked if she was in newcastle or sunderland. I fell to the floor and nearly wet myself.

When we got back to the hotal i decided to eat the apples that were on display...not a good idea when its been there for a few weeks and the dreaded wisdom tooth was making an appearance.

Well you can imagine what we felt like in the morning and because i had no sleep with my tooth i actually wanted to jump out the window. Later the swell on the ferry when we were back to sea was awful and the sweetcorn soup didnt stay down for long. Pretty sight and hard to hit the moving toliet seat.

Back home i slept for 2 days solid. It was nice....i like. Overall great weekend, i just make it out to be very bad haha.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

November 2nd 2006

Well hello there my lovleys.
I have faild my mission of going out every thursday. Had some family problems that got in the way of my usual goings on. Not happy! I feel ashamed and distraught at the fact i havn't been able to keep my promise of weekly updates from Cool For Cats.
But dont get too upset yet....its a weekend of Amsterdam fun and frolics coming up so you can imagine the pictures from that! Eleven of my crazy fellow companions all piled onto a ferry with excess alcohol and euros. We are also staying in a 'Boat Hotel' sounds even more exciting! (You can imagine the quality, at least one star i think!)
On Tuesday i will update you with the mess of the weekend. Im expecting some comments mind!
But until then...Bon Voyage

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thursday 26th October 2006

In my pocket:£22 and some mints (spagbol for tea you see!)

My attrie: New topshop black and blue top and demin skirt. Wore my ridiculously dirty cream shoes for the last time :-(

Fellow Companions: Just me and Rachel this week! (loners)

Drink of the night: Sambuca

Wel what a night! Even though the two of us went out it was still rather exceptional. Pure as always was jumping, we hadnt expected it to be that busy as it was near the end of the can tell we go out alot lol! Anyway, we hit the cider and black as usual and stayed for a few. Upstairs were a few local bands playing which led to the downstairs music being slightly drowned out...not very good. We couldnt afford to waste any money buying a ticket so we just blagged our way upstairs for a laugh. Sooner or later we were sick of our lifes and returned downstairs where i was greeted by an ex boyfriend, quite an awkward situation when he is out with his new bit stuff! Not showing that i cared, i continued to go to the bar when i recieved a phone call from fellow house mate Hayley, she was hearing footsteps and people upstairs in the house? Not thinkng twice about leaving to make sure she was ok, i continued to drink my pint. Classy birds 'r' us!

In Cool For Cats, me and Rachel continued to dance like small children at a party, not at all graceful. However, the certain urge for sambuca came over us at around oneish. Downing my shot which cost me £2.50---ridiculous, i felt a sudden rush to not have drank sambuca~!...knowing i was going to be sick, we quickly rushed to the toilet and trampled a girl who had passed out on the floor. With head over the toilet, i continued to throw up my tea...spagbol, which of course meant with added cider and black, looked like my insides. Feeling fine after five mins, i quickly rushed for my fresh pint from the bar and was fine for the rest of the night.

We departed for Glass Spider at around two. At this point Rachel was elegantly wasted and i was actually feeling rather fine. After watching two lads wee in an alley for a while, we got inside. I saw a few friends but was very disapointed by the balcony being closed due to 'weather restrictions?' its only wind i said feeling invincible as you do after copious amounts of cider. We left with Carl and Gary, our 'friends'. It was a good night! :-)