Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thursday 19th 2006

In my pocket: £23

My attire: Grey tunic dress with white shirt and yellow shoes (very yellow as you can see!)

Fellow companions: Rachel and Lana. Later to be joined with Gareth, Marc, Locky, David, Aza. Steve and Mads.

Drink of the night: Cider and Black

As always we hit pure first. It was rather busy when we got there around ten. Lana wasn't feeling her best so she was drinking Vodka. She seems to come out in a rash when drinking cider. Strange girl! Mad's b'f steve had been playing there before hand so we met up with him for a couple.

We left Pure after 3 pints and headed to Independent around 11:30. Luckily there was a boy called 'Jez' if i can remember correctly, handing out flyers with £1 off. Well me and the girls thought it was christmas so we all gave him a kiss.

Inside was really busy. The song of the night had to be a bit of Phil Collins. Im telling you mam's and dad's would really love this place!

By two, the aftershocks where on the menu and Lana was sick....not a pleasant sight. Rachel continued to search for cigs after she lost hers in the toliet. The boys had turned up and Gareth had the biggest larger stain down his top, which was rather humourous. Rachel had now found a fag and was after a lighter. She never learns.

Here we are after way too many around half two.

And here i am around four with a pint on my head. Classy Bird >
After the lads got thrown out of the club, we decided to head for the Glass Spider. We eventually staggered home around five to be greeted with a new 'For Sale' sign and four potions of chips, garlic and cheese. God knows why the boys ordered that!
Overall a fantastic evening!


Blogger Laura Ellwood said...

Which Phil Collins song was it? Easy Lover's always a floor filler, if you tell me they play Rod Stewart as well I'll be there next Thursday!

10:46 AM  

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