Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Welcome to my first blogger entry!
This is your insight into the world of a 19 yr wanna be P.R girl.
<-----Thats me, Lisa. Currently studing Public Relations at Sunderland University.
I'm going to introduce you to a typical thursday night out with my fellow student dossers!

Im going to be blunt and brutal so if you dont want to know what your sons and daughters get up to as a student...well look away now!

The awesome venue i am talking about is called "Independent". On a thursday the event is called 'Cool For Cats'. Its the place to be for funky, music loving, cheap and cheery over 18's. With a £2 addmission charge, its spot on.

I'm telling you now that by the end of the night we dont look too pretty so the photos and videos could get very messy from time to time. If you want to look at the offical photos of the night go to:

Every week in going to update you with the fun and frolics that occur whild roaming the street at 5 in the morning. I will most likely be writing my blog still under the influence of alcohol, so you will see the true affects of copious cider and black binge drinking.


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